A story

About our..

Visual vision

At FLATLIST eyewear, we aim to portray the twisted reality. Through our sunglasses, everything gets unpredictable real and you sense the authentic lifestyle of everyday life across the globe. That is what we believe, feel and want to share.

We travel the world to interact with real people and invite them to be part of our twisted social realistic universe - where every true-to-life personas are welcome. Our inspiration comes from traveling the world, by meeting diverse and colourful people. FLATLIST’s visual and branding approach is a character driven social realism. You can call it a kind of counter pop culturalistic, but at the moment we do not wish to spend time on fake polished influencers. Instead, we value real characters with attitude, from the real world, with a good story from their hearts.



Most of our FLATLIST images are shot with analog cameras portraying street casted people from around the globe (Hong Kong, London, Malibu, New York, Berlin, Florence, Los Angeles, Paris & Copenhagen etc.).


“Capture the needs and atmosphere encountered in the everyday life around the world”

“Living life through the lens, capturing and making memories in the colorful shades of life”


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We connect a lot with aesthetics. It enhances forming lifestyles and integrity. It's a feeling that uplift the senses and the mind

Our universe

Aesthetics, it’s the feeling that we want to express in our eyewear and sunglasses. A laid back sun-filled approach with a lot of colors and edge. It is the twisted and colorful shades of reality and the unpolished way of living life and making memories.

Our feeling is to be true to life personalities, which is what we want to express in our FLATLIST universe. By mixing analog pictures with high resolution, we are keen to show the quality of the real and non-fabricated moments.

We travel the world with our beloved FLATLIST frames, chasing the sun and are being bold. With the images, explored in our universe, the idea is to create old holiday albums of each of our eyewear styles.

When you need a new couple of sunglasses, it makes sense to browse through each of our frame universes - to see them in different surroundings, on different people and to give them authenticity.

Most of our FLATLIST images are shot with analog cameras portraying street casted people from around the globe. We value diversity and gender equality.

aesthetic guidelines

We trust our intuition, but we trust your feedback even more. We have been talking to you, around the world, focusing on your needs, want’s and demands. Therefore, we created some key aesthetic guidelines, aligned with our lifestyle, when innovating products and creating our universe.

  • Elaborating the true story, being true to one self and not taking part in the polished superficial world.

  • What you see is what you get, no nonsense, strait forward -“Real products - for real people.”

  • A dedication and drive to use the best refined quality on the market, - with high sense of detail.

  • Money for value, quality over quantity, it’s a lifestyle - frames for a lifetime.